Founding year: 1990
Number of members: 40

The USC Magdeburg is a member of the German Karate Federation (DKV) and the Karate Association of Saxony-Anhalt and complies with the regulations of the DKV.

basic training school The USC Karate at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg was founded by Karsten Fischer in 1990. In 1993 he left the USC Karate for professional reasons. Nevertheless, he build up a sustainable karate dojo. At this time Burkhard Schröder was appointed as the new head of the USC Karate. After 7 years with great commitment Burkhard had to leave the position as a head and a trainer for professional reasons. We hereby wish to thank both Karsten and Burkhard to be the first two pillars of our dojo.

Frank Fleischer took over the tasks of Burkhard with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication. He managed from now on four of our six training sessions. Today he is still trying to improve our and his karate techniques. In 2005, Frank recieved the rank of a 3rd Dan.

In 2001 another Dan holder joined the USC Karate. Mathias Witzke moved from Quedlinburg to Magdeburg and enriches and improves the training and work of the USC Karate. For example, Mathias offers a training session for all early birds at wednesday morning and coordinated the beginner's courses twice a year.

All trainer make constant effort in improving the quality of our training and adjust it to the current situations such as preperation for competitions. In the years 2000 to 2010 all trainer recieved training licenses. Today six Dan holders are members in the USC Karate. Four of them are active as a trainer.

A special member of our dojo is Mario Thron. He is a USC karateka from the very beginning and a valuable instructor and trainer for many years now. He is well-known and popular for his traditional training sessions on monday.

For interested karateka we offer the opportunity to participate on contest and championships. We are very proud on the successful participation of our karateka on national championships, German championships, and other cup competitions.

Some more facts...

2022 – Mathias Witzke and Sven Matzke take over the leadership of the USC Karate.
2019 – Niklas Dureck takes over the leadership of the USC Karate.
2018 – Tobias Heldt takes over the leadership of the USC Karate.
2016 – Successful DKV Day organized by USC Karate.
2016 – Karate course with over 70 Karatekas and DAN examination. Invited trainer were Stephan Rewohl (kumite) and Alexander Löwe (kata). Afterwards 25 new Kyu and 3 new DAN ranks were achieved, our new DAN ranks: Adrian Wilke 2. Dan, Tobias Heldt 1. Dan, Werner Busse 1. Dan
2015 – We celebrated the 25th anniversary of the USC Karate including a fantastic party with members and old friends.
2015 – Karate course including a DAN examination, 9 karateka achieved the 1st Dan
2015 – Mario Thron and Robin Schlüter were awarded the Magdeburg Badge of Honour.
2014 – Our dojo receives the quality label "SPORT PRO GESUNDHEIT" of the DOSB
2014 – Karate course including a SOK DAN examination, 5 karateka of Saxony-Anhalt achieved the 1st Dan
2013 – Planning, guidance and organisation of the national championship Saxony-Anhalt
2011 – Sven Matzke was elected as a referee of the DKV
2010 – We celebrated the 20th anniversary of the USC Karate including a superior karate course and a great party afterwards.
2009 – Mathias Witzke takes over the leadership of the USC Karate.
2005 – Sven Matzke joined the USC Karate and provides a high class kumite.